Motocross holidays as they should be!

Glen Helen, Star West, Milestone MX Ranch, Perris Raceway, Pala Raceway, Competitive Edge, Barona Oaks: all dream tracks with up to 6 different tracks at each site. Let your dreams come true!


Each track is regularly watered and shaped, if necessary, several times a day. Flag persons are placed at each training session, and emergency rescue workers are located on-site. You’ll also find snack bars, and at least one good MX shop nearby. With luck, your riding partners could be Jeff Emig, Ezra Lusk, Chad Reed, James Stewart, Rick Johnson or Jeremy McGrath!


Nothing can better describe the feeling of freedom when riding. You can ride through areas that, in Europe, you would not even be allowed to enter on foot, without fear of getting trouble from foresters or policemen. No predefined paths or trails. Dunes, beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, rocks, fields, etc, etc, etc. Riding without limits!


250 / 450cc fourstroke bikes, lifted US trucks, 4-star accommodations in a 430 sqm luxury villa, two terraces, BBQ, firepit, waterfall and lots of palm trees to relax – we have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable MX holiday!






The biggest difference between US tracks and European tracks is that in the US, the tracks are all commercially operated and not subject to a club structure. Track owners need a large number of riders to stay in business, and the only way to keep these riders is to offer perfect track layouts and great care of track conditions for motocross.

The individual MX Tracks differ in their degree of difficulty and their location.

Many of the California MX tracks are flat, or have only minor elevation changes (similar to SX tracks).
Because technology is constantly evolving in the MX sport, the track layouts are also adjusted on a regular basis. In Europe, most track layouts are from the time when we used drum brakes and twin struts.

In short, the California tracks are the dream of any dirtbike rider. The dirt is wet enough to prevent dust, but dry enough to provide optimal grip. The jumps are smooth and shaped in a precise RADIUS. Tables, doubles, triples, Stepups and endless whoops. These fantastic conditions remain throughout the day, and under lights in the evening.




OCOTILLO WELLS – These are the hills where all professional riders from the magazines make their amazing jumps. Desert, rocks and natural jumps. At Ocotillo Wells, you can have a lot of fun with small bikes. The ground is solid, and you can use regular tires. The area is huge and offers hour-long tours.

BEAUMONT- This area is visually similar to “TeleTubby-land”. Hilly, grassy terrain, an “outstanding-riding-location”. There’s also the steepest ascents and descents, the narrowest mountain ridges, the deepest gorges and the highest “maneuverability risk”. If you pee in your pants after only the first few meters, it doesn´t even matter, because you will really have a lot of fun. And if that isn’t enough, there are also mountain lions, snakes and tarantulas that you should watch out for. In spite of all the enthusiasm, you must be careful and have respect for the location. But we MX riders love the risk…or not?

UTAH – Unfortunately, Utah is too far away from us, so we really only go when we plan the freeriding tour. But in the freeriding tour, this amazing state is a must-do. Here, we have the opportunity to navigate areas that even California cannot offer. You cannot have more beautiful moments on a bike than in Utah. An absolute dream. BUT PLEASE: Your riding level must be a bit higher to really get the chance to enjoy this area on a bike!



Here you’ll find a lot of answeres to your questions.

If you can’t find your question don’t hesitate to contact us by mail, phone or the contactdocument to fire all you questions at us ;-)

Who are you?

First of all we are just the same mad guys as you are, it’s all about motocross. We could bite our asses if we can’t go on the track because of bad weather or family parties on the weekends. So just the usual MX-Madness ;-) Kolja Koch: Team-Leader of the Sexy Devil/Halfpro Race Team. Knows California like the back of his hand is riding Motocross for 35 years now.

Why California?

As we all know California is like paradise for all motocross riders and fans. In no other place in the world is Motocross as big as here in California. The whole infrastructure is designed to that. Here you find the world’s best tracks and in such a good qualitiy and quantity like nowhere else. Motocross /Offroad Shops in a size you probably haven’t seen before in europe. The whole Motocross Industry is located in this area and that for a good reason. The famous californian weather offers us perfect training conditions during the winter months. That’s the reason why the best riders from all over the world come here to get ready for the next season.

What can i expect from this vacation?

Because of the big house, the quantity of Trucks and Bikes we can offer you a lot of space for your own wishes. We will offer you a programm you can join but you don’t have to. For example we are planning to go to Perris Raceway but you don’t like it there, we can discuss that with the group or you gonna follow your own plans for a day. In the evening we all meet in the house again (hopefully :-) ), talk about the day and have a beer or two maybe. It’s the same with our freeriding- and shopping tours, everybody can but no one must come along. We’re not your parents, we will not tell you what to do, we will not lock you up in vans like dogs bring to any track and order you to have fun now. Of course there are a few rules for your saftey as well as ours, for example, we want nobody to go to a track or freering alone. Except of that little things you will not get the feeling of group pressure at all. You will find new friends here instead and the things you experience here together will give you a special connection that lasts even if you’re back home.  

I’m not a professional rider, aren’t the tracks too difficult for me?

Of course NOT!! A good rider or a professional rider can ride on any track, no matter which condition. Especially for beginners or slower riders it’s important to feel safe while riding and concentrate on the track layout. In germany you concentrate on wholes or mean edges in the jumps, that turn you 180° around. In SoCal we have so many different tracks with different levels, some MX areas have up to 6 tracks in one place, so you’ll find the right tracks for you. And you can and you will get better day by day. All of the tracks have one thing in common: They are always in perfect condition, good flatted, good watered and the radius of every single jump is 100 % perfect. Over the years we made the experience by watching the beginners in our groups that they get so much better in the 11 days and ride with a lot more confidence and ambition.

How’s the weather like in fall/winter in SoCal?

Nice :-) For our purpose it’s perfect. For fall we could nearly give a sunshine-guarantee, only a few days with short showers, temperatures between 20 und 30° Celsius. From Nov/Dez even in Calirfonia it’s getting cooler and there is the possibility of rain. Usually there is not more than one day of rain and the next day the sun shines brighter than before. During the day even in winter the temperature is between 17 and 25° Celsius, only in the evening it gets a bit cooler. Should there really be a rainy day you can be sure that the persons who run the tracks do eveyrthing to get the tracks back in shape for the next day. Pumps, and bulldozers will run the whole night throgh :-)

Sure, if money doesn’t matter and you’ve got enough time. Compare us to anybody, we don’t mind! We know we have the best price for MX vacation worldwide. There is defenitly no cheaper opportunity to ride MX in california. May sound arrogant, but that’s the truth. If you do it on your own you would come to this result: rental bike, old model each Tag at least 140 US$ (latest model 180US$), Pick-up truck or van (if you get it at al) 80 US$ each day + insurance, Motel (not the disgusting ones) 70 US$ each day, storage for Bikes and equipment (you can’t take it to you room of course) 25 US$ each day, instead of the motel you could get yourself a trailer with garage in the back 2200 US$ + Insurance + Campinggroundfees for about 500 US$. Then you need tools, service for the bikes and you probably got no clue what to do if something happens like a crash or the weather is bad. Freeriding without to know the place is completely crazy, MX Shopping without discounts is boring and expensive and California at a rainy day wihtout an alternative plan and some tricks ist horrible.

How can I safe money during my vacation?

Buy as much as you can in the USA! Sounds strange first, but that’s how it is. Just think about how much money you spend on racing gear, parts, shoes, and streetwear during the whole year. We as MX riders live that certain kind of lifestyle where special brands and products are essential. We buy Jeans, helmets and shoes anyways, because we need it or just want it. If you buy all that stuff for one year like racing gear, jeans, shirts, shoes and MX parts, you saved probably a few hunderd € even with the costs of the vacation. No Joke! The offices don’t care how much worn clothes you bring back home, as long as you don’t have your suitcase full with ipads and iphones. ;-)

What happens if i book now, but i realize later that I can not come?

First of all you’ll miss the time of your life ;-) Especially as a motocross rider you can’t protect yourself from crashes, so we recommend a travel cancelation insurance. You can get that anywhere in the internet or at your personal insurance company and the 35 to 40 € should be worth it.

What happens if i get injured over there?

A scare from Glen Helen always looks better than from the backyardtrack at home ;-) No seriously, of course there is always the risk of injury at our sport. That’s why you have to get a travelinsurance and we want to see it from each person before the vacation. This insurance costs between 15 and 20 € and it pays for all costs that come up. By the way the medical care in the US is perfect. First Aid at the tracks and in the hospitals is one of a kind. 

How much will the extra costs be for me?

Not inlcuded in the price is food, costs for intrances, damages from crashes. It’s hard to name a fix amount. Depending on lifestyle and riding habit it balances between 300 and 400 € for 11 days. Who goes out for dinner to the Steakhouse every day will probably spend more than the person who cooks something at home. Trackfees, Gas, Service and transportation will be included on riding days.
Of yourse we can not assume responsibility for your crashes, should you crash your bike and for example the footpeg is broken you have to get a new one. As if it was your own bike at home. Damages that don’t come from wrong handling or crashes (such as enginedamage) will be paid by us. No one will complain about scratched plasticparts. But if the cooler is broken or you lost the exhaust on the track we want you to get new parts. We recommend our insurance for bikes. for 500 € cost sharing you have everything covered up.

Can I bring my girlfriend, wife, dad, mom, dog, cat, mouse….?

dog, cat, mouse not :-) …all of the others are more than welcome ;-) And they don’t have to come to the tracks with us every day, if they don’t want to. There are thousands of different leisure time activities to do in California. You will find a folder with usefull information and suggestions in each room.

I don’t want to ride every single day of my vacation…what else can I do there?

You are in the land of opportunities… ;-) Nobody or only a few can ride 11 days through. California’s got so much more to offer than just MX. It would be a shame to spend every day on the track without seeing and experiencing a little more of SoCal. Here’s a short listing of things to do around our house: MX-Shopping: Langston Racing (20min) , MalcomSmith Racing (30min), TroyLee (30min), ProCircuit (35min), Corona Motorsports (35min), Chaparral (40min) Shopping: Lake Elsinore Outlet Store ( 5min), Riverside Tyler Mall, (30min), Ontario Mills Outlet (1 h), Cabazon Outlet (1hVisting: Factory Tracks (15min) , SanDiego (1h), LosAngeles (1,5h), Newport/Huntingten Beach (1h), SantaMonica (1,5Std), JoshuaTree National (1,5h), LasVegas (4h), DeathValley National (4,5h), Sequoia National (5h), GrandCanyon (6,5h) Activities: horsebackriding (1min), Skydive Tunnel (15min), skydiving (15min), Bars/pubs (15min), Golf (20min), Tennis (20min), Harley rental (30min), Kart racing (30min), Gotcha (30min), ShootingRange (30min), ..can’t get boring ;-)






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